QiSeGuang is a photography based activity space located in the Rotterdam Port, initiated and run by Zhou Junsheng. The name QiSeGuang was borrowed from Qiseguang Sheying Tupianshe (Lit. 'Seven-Colors-Light Photo Studio/Club'), a photo studio originally started by Junsheng’s family in Beijing in 1989. For a long time, it was a Kodak Express, offering photographic retail products, daily photographing and printing services for the local community. This year, the studio comes to the Rotterdam Port, under the project named Vegetating Image, an image of life and vitality, an image that grows as plants do, an image which is embedded by the activities around itself. The image will develop as a photographic activity space, containing a photo studio and a photo club. As a space for daily practical use, the historical and philosophical conversation of photography will merge with the public and local artistic community.

As part of the project Vegetating Image, QiSeGuang begins at the place where the image Shengyi Tu* is currently growing. A digital Vegetating Image is displayed as the background of since 28th August 2018. The 'exposure-time' of this image keeps growing everyday with time, through the activities and actions of work within the space, the longer we stay, the more our motions blur.

QiSeGuang is also working on the concept and technique of 'contact' derived from the contact sheet. At QiSeGuang, the contact sheet has been developed as a means for digitizing film based photo archives; to come into contact with the digital image. From these contact prints new techniques and understandings in making blueprints for artistic practice are also being developed; This moving from image to contact sheet to blueprint is also bring turned into discussion program, called Kontact.

*U+751F U+610F U+5716